All About Designs

All About Designs….

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Be inspired by our abilities to design your kitchen or bathroom projects. We believe that good design doesn’t just happen. It’s the culmination of training, years of experience, good listening, an active imagination and exhaustive attention to detail. With our design service you will come to appreciate all of these attributes with our experienced, talented and friendly professional design staff.

Whether you’re remodeling your current home, doing an addition or simply building one from the ground up, we will conceive a well planned and thoughtfully conceived space that is both functional, beautiful and one of a kind. To create the overall aesthetic you desire, we will recommend cabinetry species, styles, finishes, color and textures and bring your project to life with a series of diagrams, layouts and renderings to help you visualize the space. To enhance your desired and chosen design, we can incorporate cabinetry, hardware, appliances, counter tops, tile, flooring, plumbing fixtures and lighting for your project.

While the possibilities are endless, only one combination is just right for you. simply call (703)-273-9850 or email and be inspired.

Below are some renderings of kitchens and bathroom for our customers viewing.